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For Total Crawlspace Good Health

Why Crawlspace Doctor?

Deciding to move forward with a sealed and conditioned crawl space is a step in the right direction, just be sure the company you choose is offering you the best plan for your specific issues.

Most crawl space companies offer every customer the same solution and use the same types of products to resolve their crawl space problems. That may sound efficient and easy; however this one-size-fits-all method is not beneficial for the homeowner. Every crawl space has unique factors (structural as well as external) that cause serious issues such as mold growth, dampness, odor and moisture. Each of these factors should be assessed individually for the best solution and brought together under one comprehensive plan unique for your home.

This is the Crawlspace Doctor advantage. We will never give you a one-size-fits-all answer because we don’t believe every crawl space has the exact same concerns. In order to find the right solution for you, Crawlspace Doctor looks in depth at every factor specific to your crawl space that may be the source of your concerns. Then we present you with the best solutions to resolve those specific concerns. We pride ourselves in utilizing the best and most up to date products on the market from insulation and vapor barriers to supply air inducers and drainage systems. We carefully choose the product or method that will work best for you and your crawl space.

As a homeowner, you have goals in mind when considering repairing or improving the conditions of your crawlspace. Some of these may be air quality, humidity control, mold growth, energy efficiency, and even additional storage space. Crawlspace Doctor will work with your structure, take into account your climate, and local codes to give you a unique plan that tackles your concerns, conditions your crawl space and ultimately improves the health and energy efficiency of your home.


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Savannah, GA - Crawlspace Doctor - Greg McBride

Contact Information: Greg McBride

Crawlspace Doctor
24 Franklin Creek Rd South
Savannah GA. 31411

Phone: 912-308-0955

Greg McBride has been helping home owners in the Charleston, SC and low country area with their crawl space problems since 2007. He realized that the severe moisture and mold problems of the low country were not being properly controlled. Greg researched and learned all about the best ways to treat these problems, and the new innovations in the field. He found that the old way of ventilating the crawlspace was both ineffective and problematic. He would love to share with you how Crawlspace Doctor can help clean and protect the investment you have in your home. Please give Greg a call and let him show you what Crawlspace Doctor can do for you!

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